One of our main strengths is web development.
With our 18 years of experience and the contribution of our up-to-date developers, we create large enterprise websites, landings and smart apps.

Appearance on the Internet has long been a basic requirement. We started developing websites yet at a time when the dial-up modem was the pinnacle of technology and it often took over 1 hour to download our favorite song.

Pentacom web development, webfejlesztés


at first sight

We were there when the Internet was born. Many did not understand, but we still fell in love. And this love has lasted ever since.


18 long,
but exciting years

We can bring you the experience and knowledge of this long period of continuous learning and development.



We think in a complex system, delivering our solutions integrated with already existing systems.


We are familiar on
all fields

For us, the technology, the used framework or the development environment does not constitute a limitation.

Our clients said